FEBETRA, the Belgian Road Hauliers Association, has advised that, with effect from 21 June, Belgium intends to enforce a prohibition whereby drivers may not take normal weekend rest in the cab on Belgian soil. Any driver taking a normal weekend rest in the cab will face a fine of up to €1800.

FEBETRA states that the Belgian Government is allowed to enforce this through its interpretation of Regulation 561/2006 Article 8, which allows this facility for reduced weekly rest but not normal rest. Thus, in the Belgian Government’s current view, if the law does not allow something, it is prohibited.

With less than a week to go to the start of this prohibition, and with existing contracts in place, some may be affected by this action, especially if using sub-contractors. Furthermore, taking a normal weekly rest in France also leaves drivers more vulnerable to clandestine attacks.

The EU institutions have been informed of this problem and we hope for an update in the next few days. In the meantime members may wish to review any contracts they are about to make or review those that are in place, and where a weekend rest may be expected to take place in Belgium.

For further details and updates contact the International Section on international@rha.uk.net