MOT Test Centre -Tacho-fit Midlands.


A MOT is a compulsory annual test of a vehicle when it reaches 3 years old. There are different rules if it is used as a taxi. It is the responsibility of the registered keeper to make sure this is done and everyone who uses a vehicle on the road must keep it in a minimum roadworthy condition.


Without an up to date certificate you will not be able to renew your road tax and consequently your car may not be covered by your insurance.


The MOT test checks that vehicles meet road safety and environmental standards and are based on the condition of the vehicle on the day of the test.


The MOT Test will list separately and advise of any advisory parts that may have passed but will need attention in the near future.



Tacho-Fit Express carry out approved DVSA MOT testing on Class 4 , Class 5 and Class 7 and bookings can be made now by phoning 0121 328 1850



MOT Certificate


The MOT certificate is also no guarantee of the general mechanical condition of the vehicle.
The test does not cover the condition of the engine, clutch or gearbox. It is only minimum road safety requirement.




At our DVSA approved test centre we have a comfortable reception area where can sit and relax and have a cup of coffee or tea while you wait.



MOT Checks


  • The seat belts installed are checked for type condition, operation and security. All compulsory seat belts must be in place.
  • The seats are secure and both front and back can be secured in an upright position.
  • The doors latch securely in closed position. Front doors should open from inside and outside the vehicle. Rear doors may need to be opened to gain access to testable items.
  • The brakes condition, operation and performance (efficiency test). Note the removal of the road wheels is not part of the test.
  • The tyres and wheels condition, security, size, type and tread depth. Spare tyres are not inspected.
  • The registration plates condition, security, characters correctly formed and spaced.
  • The lights condition, operation and security. Headlamps for aim.
  • The bonnet securely latches in the closed position.
  • The wipers and washers operate to give the driver a clear view ahead.
  • The windscreen condition and the driver’s view of the road.
  • The horn operates correctly and is of a suitable type.
  • The steering and suspension is of satisfactory condition and operation.