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MI Witness – Video Viewing Software

Mi Witness – Video Viewing Software


The M i- Witness saves & records files in mp4 format. Due to this you can check recorded files with a compliant mp4 player or the Mi-Viewer software provides with every Mi Witness HD device.

• Full Screen Video Play Back at 1280 x 720 HD

• Zoom in/Out On Video Play Back

• Print/Save Movie files in various formats

• GPS Viewer window with Google Maps

• File List window

• Video Time Line – Adjustment and play back features

• Camera settings menu

• Windows, Android and IOS options

• Play/Stop/Pause/Forward/Backward/Previous/Next File

• Simple to load and use

• Files contained on MicroSD card

• Video, audio, g-force, speed and google playback

• Google maps, hybrid and std maps

• File export