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Since the end of 1999 vehicles have been fitted with an  on-board computer called an Electronic control Unit (ECU). The ECU provides engine management controlling the ignition, fuel timing, air intake, and boost pressure and a map is provided for each make and model. ECU re-mapping provides alteration to the individual vehicles program to optimise engine management improving fuel delivery and performance..


Why should I remap my vehicle?

Standard manufacturer’s vehicle maps to take into account a variety of factors, including  where the car will be registered, the environment in which it operates, expected quality of fuel, and in some case the infrequent servicing intervals. This means that most mapping in  modern cars is fairly generic,  by fine tuning the ECU improvement in performance and torque can be achieved.


Vehicles respond in different ways when engines are remapped. Turbo charged vehicles can produce considerably more power after remapping. Normally aspirated vehicles can also benefit from these ECU mapping changes with smoother delivery of power and performance. As each vehicle type is individually re-mapped optimum performance can be achieved.


What can you expect from ECU re-mapping

When we remap you vehicle dependant on make and model you can expect:

  • Improved acceleration
  • More power and torque
  • Smother power delivery
  • Improved throttle response



Typical performance improvements following ECU remapping:

Turbo and petrol cars typically get 20% more power and 25% more torque

Turbo Diesel cars typically get 25% more power and 30% more torque



Some Examples of the Vehicles we re-map and typical performance improvements


  • Porsche Tuning  – Example 997 Turbo typical power improvement 525 bhp (standard 480)
  • BMW Tuning -Example F Chassis 320 / 5200 typical power improvement 220 bhp (standard 181)
  • Land Rover Tuning – Example Range Rover 3.0 typical power improvement 284 bhp (standard251
  • VW Tuning – Example 1.6 TDI  typical power improvement 145bhp (standard 75, 102, 105)



Tacho-Fit are official agents for BHPUK ECU Remapping services and are based in the Midlands UK.